Refuse & Recycling Collection

The Village collects refuse weekly and recyclables every other week. Zone 1 will be collected on Wednesdays, Zone 2 on Thursdays, and Zone 3 on Fridays (unless a Holiday causes an intentional schedule shift). To view the refuse and recycling collections Zone Map and schedule(s), reference the annual “Recycler” newsletter. Also listed in the annual “Recycler” is a list of recyclables and how to prepare them.

You must call Hilltopper Refuse at (608) 783-6727 or click here to go to the Hilltopper Refuse website for large item, appliance, or electronic pickup (fee applies for certain items).

The La Crosse County Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program serves all household residents within La Crosse County (proof of residency is required).  This is for materials such as automotive fluids, batteries, cell phones, cleaning products, paints, TVs, video devices, etc. For more information click here to go to the La Crosse County Household Hazardous Waste site.

Compost Site

The Village of Holmen’s Compost Site, located at 751 Bridger Dr., near the corner of Empire St., will open for the season in mid-April for Village residents only. It will be open on Mondays from 2 PM – 6 PM, Wednesdays from 2 PM – 6 PM and Saturdays from 8 AM – 4 PM through mid-November. We accept the following types of yard waste: sod, grass, clippings, weeds & garden debris, leaves, sawdust, wood chips and brush.  Brush must be free of rocks, nails, wire, etc. and should NOT be tangled or tied; maximum diameter is 12″. Compost soil is available FREE OF CHARGE. Questions can be directed to the Holmen Public Works Department at (608) 526-3513.  Please note the hours of operation on Monday and Wednesday will change to 1 PM – 5 PM after Daylight Savings Time ends.

Holmen Public Transit / Shared Ride Program

The City of Onalaska, Village of Holmen and Village of West Salem jointly operate a public transportation system called “Shared Ride.”  The system operates much like a taxi service. Click here for more information including fares, service hours and service area, or please call (608) 784-0000 or contact the City of Onalaska or Village of Holmen Clerk’s Department.

Dogs & Cats

All dogs in the Village of Holmen must be vaccinated against rabies and must be licensed by five months of age. A dog license can be purchased between January 1st and March 31st to avoid a late fee and citation.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to license your dog.  The fee to license your dog is $12 for an altered dog and $23 for an unaltered dog.  If you fail to license your dog by March 31st, you must purchase a dog license from the County Clerk’s office and pay a late fee of $25 plus the cost of the dog license.  This also applies if you get a new dog and fail to license it within 30 days, your puppy turns 5 months old and you fail to license it, or if you move into the Village with a dog and fail to license it within 30 days.  The Village of Holmen does not license cats.

*14-29.  The keeping of a large number of dogs or cats within the village for a considerable period of time detracts from and, in many instances, is detrimental to, healthful and comfortable life in such areas.  The keeping of a large number of dogs or cats is, therefore, declared a public nuisance.

Under no circumstances, shall any person residing within any one residential unit or any one home located on any residentially zoned property or lot, own, harbor, board, or keep in its possession more than three dogs nor more than three cats at any one time, and no more than a maximum of four animals of any species (dogs and cats) may be permitted on any residentially zoned property or lot at any one time, except that a litter of pups or kittens or a portion of a litter may be kept for not more than five months from birth.

Well Head Protection Areas

The Village of Holmen has established restrictive areas surrounding our municipal wells to protect the Village’s water supply. For additional information regarding these areas, please contact the Village Public Works Department at (608) 526-3513.

Tax Bills, Utility Bills & Dog Licenses

Tax bills, utility bills and dog licenses can be paid at the Treasurer’s office from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. A drop off box is located outside the front door of the Village Hall for all after hour payments.

Item Fee Amount
Property Tax Mill Rate $20.7371/thousand assessed value
Residential Water Charges $18.00/quarter plus $2.25/thousand gallons
Residential Sewer Charges $15.50/quarter plus $8.00/thousand gallons
Residential Stormwater Charges $12.00/quarter for one Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU)
Residential Refuse & Recycling Charge $46.00/quarter
Residential Public Fire Protection Charges $14.10/quarter for vacant lot
$14.10/quarter for 3/4″ meter (fee increases for larger meters)
Dog License – Spayed/Neutered $12.00
Dog License – Not Spayed/Neutered $23.00