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If you are a qualified elector who is registered to vote and are unwilling or unable to appear at the polling place on Election Day, you may request an absentee ballot online at myvote.wi.gov, in writing by sending a letter to the Village Clerk’s Office or by making a request in person. An original signature is required. No request for absentee ballot can be made by telephone. You shall provide Photo ID. Use this link Bring it to the Ballot, to give you information on regulations of Photo ID and how to obtain a Photo ID.

Request An Absentee Ballot by Mail

Download Absentee Ballot Application EL-121 or submit a written request containing the following information:

  1. Date(s) of Election(s)….please be exact
  2. Name
  3. Voting address
  4. The address where the absentee ballot should be sent (if different)
  5. Date of birth
  6. Phone number
  7. Signature and
  8. A copy of your Photo ID shall be submitted with your request

Absentee requests should be sent to the Village Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 158, Holmen, WI 54636.
Any request for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you must be received in the office no later than 5:00 PM on the fifth day (Thursday) before Election Day.  Please allow adequate time for mail delivery each way.

Request An Absentee Ballot Online

Click the button below to request an absentee ballot online.

In-Person Absentee Ballot

If you choose to request an absentee ballot in person, you may do so at the Village Clerk’s Office, 421 S. Main St., Holmen, WI 54636.  You will need to provide a Photo ID.

You may vote an in-person absentee ballot at our office starting two weeks before each election, ending on the Friday preceding the election.

Permanent Absentee Status

If getting to the polls is a physical hardship, you can apply for permanent absentee ballot status at the Holmen Village Hall, 421 S. Main St.. Please complete the above mentioned Absentee Ballot Application or an application may be obtained at Village Hall.

Once you have a permanent absentee ballot status, a ballot will be sent to you automatically as long as you return your ballot for each election.

Deadline for Returning Absentee Ballots

The completed absentee ballot must be received by the Village Clerk by 8:00 p.m. when polls close on the night of the election so that it can be counted.