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Holmen Park & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of recreational programs and services for all ages throughout the entire year. Check back often as our programs and events are always changing. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Park & Rec office.

Spring/Summer Activity Guide is now available!


Call Cancellation Hotline at 608-526-6312 for recreation programs. Pool program updates not listed here – check Aquatic Center webpage.

11:00am, 12:30pm and 1:20pm tennis lessons cancelled due to rain & slippery court conditions. 

Refresh page for future updates.

  1. Registration Procedures: Register online or fill out the appropriate registration forms provided, be sure to give complete information. Extra forms are available at the Holmen Village Hall, web site at www.holmenwi.gov/holmenpr, or forms may be photocopied.
    1. Fall Registration: Information is usually posted in August. Registrations will be accepted immediately (once posted) and lasts until specific program deadlines.
    2. Winter Registration: Information is usually posted in August-September. Registrations will be accepted immediately (once posted) and lasts until specific program deadlines.
    3. Spring Registration: Information is usually posted in February-March. Registrations will be accepted immediately (once posted) and lasts until specific program deadlines. Note: Spring soccer (grades 1-8) has a later February deadline, information is usually posted in December.
    4. Summer Registration: Information is posted in February-March
  2. Completed registration form and payment is required. Incomplete registrations will be returned. We accept Credit Cards, checks or cash! Make checks payable to: HOLMEN PARK & RECREATION DEPT.
  3. Phone registrations are not accepted, unless specifically stated. Instructors may not accept registrations at the class site.
  4. Late Registration Policy: There will be no pro-rating of program fees for late registration.
  5. The Village of Holmen charges $35.00 for NSF checks.
  6. Refund Policy – There will be no refunds after the start of any program unless: 1) due to medical reasons, 2) program is cancelled, or 3) a change in the original scheduled activity by the Department. There will be a $5.00 service charge for processing refunds. Refunds may take 1 week to be completed. Non-resident fees cannot be transferred from one participant to another after a program has begun (Adult Softball/HS Volleyball). If you pay online, the convenience fee is collected by the processing company and not the Village of Holmen, so the convenience fee is not refundable. The Convenience fee is only charged if you register online.

What if the program you choose is filled? You will be notified of any conflict and given your 2nd choice if indicated (class limit programs and swimming lessons only). Most youth sports programs do not have limits. All fees must accompany completed registration forms, unless otherwise authorized. please indicate a second choice for swimming lessons.

The Park, Recreation & Library Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Holmen Village Hall. The Committee administers, recommends, and generally oversees the operations of the Parks, Recreation Programs & Library. Fees, programs, budgeting, and park planning are some of the areas the Committee reviews during the year.

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