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Ball field reservations are accepted by the Holmen Park & Recreation Department at the Holmen Village Hall. Inquiries regarding available dates may be made by phone. Reservation forms will be mailed upon request. Temporary phone reservations will be honored up to fourteen (14) days. If after fourteen (14) days payment has not been made or the reservation form completed the reservation will be cancelled. The Village reserves the right to refuse ball field reservation for any activity it feels is not in the best interest of the Village. The Village of Holmen Park & Recreation Committee will approve all reservations. No ball field shall be reserved to any person under the age of 18. Insurance waivers shall be supplied, if requested by the Village.

Reservable Baseball/Softball Fields

Deer Wood Park (500 Anderson St., Holmen) has three softball/baseball fields (two *lighted fields, Field *A: 285′, Field *B: 280′, Field C: 320′) and is located next to the Holmen Area Aquatic Center. Park amenities also include: 4 lighted tennis courts, a half-mile walking trail, lighted basketball courts/hockey rink, nature trails, playground, restrooms, picnic shelter, and concessions.

Remington Hills Park (1100 S. Cherry Lane, Holmen) has a 300′ softball field that is reservable.

Contact the Holmen School District Activities office at (608) 526-9208 for school district fields.


All Village programs and leagues will have priority for scheduling all ball fields. Scheduling for non-Village sponsored programs will not be accepted prior to February 1 of the current year.


The Village’s general policy is not to charge fees to Village sponsored programs or leagues. All other leagues or organizations must complete a reservation form to use the fields and pay a fee based on the following schedule:

  • Village Sponsored Programs – $0
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Week Days) – $0 for approved practices & league games during non-weekend hours, subject to maintenance costs based on requests.
  • Adult Leagues/Other Uses (Week Days) – $50 per day per field (does not include lights) Monday – Friday.
  • Adult Leagues/Other Uses (Weekends) – $100 per day per field (does not include lights) Saturday-Sunday.
  • Weekend Tournament Rental – $500/weekend – all 3 fields: includes morning and noon field prep (2 prep maximum), lights, concessions.
  • Drag & Line Fields (Weekend) – Additional $200 per field prep for preparing maximum of 3 fields (more than morning and noon field prep).
  • Drag & Line Fields (Week Days) – $50/hour (waived for School District and HYBPAI for practices and league games).
  • Ball Field Lights – $15/hour (waived for School District and HYBPAI for practices and league games on weekdays).
  • Concessions Room Rental – $100 per day when available or by contract with terms to be negotiated.

Refunds will be issued if the Village is notified 7 days prior to the reservation date. There is a $5.00 administrative fee for all refunds.


Information on the concession stand can be obtained from the Park & Recreation Department at (608) 526-2152.

General Terms

  1. Holmen Park & Recreation programming would have priority of grounds/facility usage, even upon short notice.
  2. The School District of Holmen has secondary priority of Village grounds/facility usage. All other groups (including non-profit organizations & private schools) would have third priority usage of Village of Holmen grounds or facilities.
  3. Any user group wishing to sell admission and/or concessions must make arrangements through the Park & Recreation Department beforehand.
  4. Users of Village grounds/facilities are responsible for the supervision of areas in use (as outlined in completed application).  Any damages deemed beyond normal wear will be assessed and the user billed accordingly.
  5. Users must provide evidence of insurance to the extent of $1,000,000 minimum liability and $50,000 property damage wherein the Village of Holmen is named the insured.  This is applicable only when a facility and/or play field is rented for private/commercial use purposes.
  7. Users should contact the Park & Recreation Department at least 24 hours prior to the approved usage time/date in order to confirm use and/or review any specific needs.
Deer Wood Park Village of Holmen