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Dog License

All dogs in the Village of Holmen must be vaccinated against rabies and must be licensed by 5 months of age.

A dog license can be purchased between January 1st and March 31st to avoid a late fee and citation.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to license your dog.

The fee to license your dog is $12 for an altered dog and $23 for an unaltered dog.

If you fail to license your dog by March 31st, you must purchase a dog license from the La Crosse County Clerk’s office.  This also applies if you get a new dog and fail to license it within 30 days, your puppy turns 5 months old and you fail to license it, or if you move into the Village with a dog and fail to license it within 30 days. Limit of 3 dogs or 3 cats, with a combination of no more than 4 animals per household.

The Village of Holmen does not license cats and does not allow chickens. 

Alcohol Licenses

The purpose of alcohol licensing in the State of Wisconsin is to better ensure the public health and welfare of Wisconsin residents. The State of Wisconsin requires all persons who vend, sell, deal or traffic intoxicating liquors or fermented malt beverages to be licensed with their local government. See Publication 302 “Information for Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage & Tobacco Retailers” for additional information.

Operator’s License

All licenses require a background check and Chief of Police approval prior to issuance.

An operator’s license ($30) will be acted on during the next available Village Board meeting, so paperwork will need to be received in the Village Clerk’s office prior to the posting of that month’s finance & personnel agenda. An operator’s license is good for 1 year.

A provisional operator’s license ($15) can be issued without Board approval but is subject to Chief of Police approval. Once the Chief of Police has reviewed and approved, the license can be issued, typically within a day or two. The provisional operator’s license is good for 60 days.

You may work as a bartender without a license as long as someone with a current license is within sight of them at all times; they cannot ever bartend alone without holding a current Village of Holmen license.

Complete both sides of the application and provide a copy of your driver’s license along with a copy of your class certificate for the bartenders course. Click below to download the application for Operator’s License and Provisional Operator’s License.

Important Dates to Remember

June 30 – New licenses must be picked up from the Village Hall by 4:15 PM.

July 1 – New licensing year officially begins.  All licenses for the previous license year are now expired.

Temporary Class “B” License

Temporary Class “B” – (picnic) beer licenses may sell beer and other fermented malt beverages (e.g., wine coolers with a fermented malt beverage base) to consumers at a picnic or similar gathering of limited duration.

Such licenses may be issued only “to bona fide clubs, to county or local fair associations or agricultural societies, to churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for at least six months…and to veterans’ organizations.”